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Hormones grow from food and dance, keeping us relaxed Stay Stress-Free

Stay Stress-Free: These hormones grow from food and dance, keeping us relaxed

The sudden lockdown caused by the coronavirus and its continued progression is a mentally disturbing condition. But no battle can be won by being unhappy. So it is important that we try to be happy so that we can stay healthy. Know here what will help you to be happy ...

Hormones grow from food and dance, keeping us relaxed Stay Stress-Free

Hormones and neurotransmitters affect our moods and feelings to a great extent, so much so that we are feeling good or bad it also depends on our hormones. There are some particular nerves in our brain that give a feeling of feelings like happiness and sorrow and on this feel our mood depends on whether we will have happiness or sadness.

Essential for protection against discomfort

The hormone estrogen works to protect us from mental illness like anxiety. People who are deficient in estrogen have a bad mood all the time and they become very irritable. Women, especially during menopause, become deficient in estrogen, which is why they get irritated very quickly.

Prevention of mood swings

The hormone progesterone protects us from anxiety, irritability, and mood swings. In women, usually between the ages of 35 and 40, this hormone begins to decrease naturally. Because this age is called premenopause age in women. I.e. the time before menopause.

Serotonin improves mood

Hormones grow from food and dance, keeping us relaxed Stay Stress-Free

Exercise releases endorphins and dopamine is released by eating, listening to a song, or doing something you like. Whereas serotonin works like a mood booster. It is also an antidepressant. That is, it saves us from going into depression. All three of these neurotransmitters help keep our mood right and keep us mentally healthy.

Dopamine keeps the mind calm

Dopamine is also called pleasure hormone. Sexual activity also releases dopamine. Our excitement regarding any activity is also due to this. Dopamine is released when you do any of your favorite things. So it is said to prioritize your choice and be happy.

Oxytocin increases love

Oxytocin is also known as the love hormone. According to medical experts, oxytocin is a hormone that creates a feeling of satisfaction inside us. Spending time with people we love and who we like to be around releases the hormone oxytocin and keeps us in a good mood.

Hormones grow from food and dance, keeping us relaxed Stay Stress-Free

Maintain happy hormone levels

Decreased progesterone hormone increases stress. Women should follow a healthy diet to maintain their level. Do activities that make you happy.

Micronutrients play a very important role in increasing the levels of happy hormones in our body. Eat dry fruits to get plenty of micronutrients to your body. This helps our body to secrete happy hormones.

Eat foods that provide fiber and carbohydrates. For example, green vegetables and whole grains and seasonal fruits.

When we do any of our work according to the planning, we relieve ourselves from many kinds of stress. To avoid undue stress, it is important that you make a list of your priorities.

Listening to songs and dancing relaxes our mood. These activities have an immediate effect on our minds. So listen to the music of your choice, dance, and maintain the level of happy hormones.

Take deep breaths, do yoga and meditation to release stress. This will help you stay stress-free and make the right decision.

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